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Amaravadhis is a one of the fast growing product development and service organization in India that helps organizations across various sectors to achieve their goals and ambitions on time and in budget. We have a team of individuals who are considered as well-weathered professionals in this challenge and target driven industry. They have incessantly and invariably been successful in reaching the customers expectations and beyond.

Our Vision

To become the leader in the field of Augmented Reality by offering context-aware, connected, engaging and insightful mobile solutions and providing products and services that are affordable and accessible to Individuals, SMBs and Enterprises

Our Plan

At Amaravdhis, we believe that the demands of a typical customer are built around an optimal solution, commitment and deadline-orientation. We have a proven record in providing accurate, prompt and flawless solutions to our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become one of the trusted Mobile & Web development companies which deliver world-class IT solutions and services to our clients. By leveraging the experience of our leadership team and the versatile skills of our talented in-house team, we strive to deliver the highest quality of service and execution for our clients on the cutting edge technologies.


Customized Solutions

We provide custom made solutions specially designed to suit your specific business requirements. Pricing and quality are no longer enough. For companies that are looking to expand in emerging markets, personalized and meaningful experiences that fit their local needs and preferences has become an important factor.

Maintenance and Support

Amaravadhis categorizes its IT Support Services into a portfolio which is most comprehensive in its approach and houses a team that provides quality solutions, services and IT support and flexible enough to meet any client requirement.


Amaravadhis state-of-the-art mobile applications using cutting edge technologies has always helped its customers services, transactions and overall performance. With the advent of better smart phones everyday, it is imperative that the apps bridge the gap between end-user expectations and current technology trends.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is evolving everyday. For IT, the move from earlier models to the cloud requires more and different technology to deliver the needed performance and flexibility.

Migration Services

In a scenario where every organization is fighting for its survival and beat the competition to stay ahead, it becomes imperative for them to update themselves with the latest technologies and migrate from their current environment to a more effective, faster response and low-cost environments.

Quality Assurance

Current business environments demand solutions which are delivered before time with low cost and best quality. However, these demands have given rise to situations where the business user falls short of time for a thorough, precise and accurate testing of the solution. Insufficient software testing leads to increased risk and potential loss of revenue.

ERP Solutions


An internal company document used in the purchasing process to authorize the requisition of materials prior to initiating a purchase order. Purchase indents are audit documents used to track the movement of materials prior to their receipt by the buyer.


Inward goods is a goods receipt mechanism that allows recording and updating also you dont have to pay full, including support for on-costs and receipting stock across multiple purchase orders in one delivery. The main purpose of an Inwards Goods Transaction is to allow goods to be receipted into stock before the final paperwork has arrived.

Purchase Order

Purchase is one of the major part of any Manufacturing Industry. Purchase deals with all the items or products required which is not available in stores department, It collects list of items which are required, by the Industry, provides all departments with their necessary item requirements, keeps a ready count of the quantity of different items and deals with the suppliers in an endeavour to procure new stock. To make Purchase Order after quotation approved


Accounts Payable provides you with a powerful set of tools to control your payables and effectively handle the payment side of your business. Accounts Payable maximizes cash flow by enforcing payment in the proper cycle ensuring that potential discounts are taken when desired.


Reports such as Demand and supply, Store status, Item ledger, Material consumption can be generated.

Bill Of Quantities (BOQ)

Bill of Quantities serves as a basis of detailed breakdown of work scope, quantity and cost of labour and materials. In the BOQ this will be the basis of Contract agreement of the Client and the Contractor's work description/scope.

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